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Every now and then, we will like to show our followers the music we have been listening to. This segment of our blog is what we call BIO! (aka. Bang It Out). So from now on, we will put BIO! and that’s what it is. That said, this video we have posted up today comes from a new band that goes by the name These Kids Wear Crowns. Not sure if they have been heard much by the public so we thought we should give them a shout out. This song in particular is pretty catchy and Chris even has it as his ringtone. This is not their official music video but in my opinion, it is actually a better version. As far as i am concerned, the lead singer of the band reminds me of the thief from the movie musical Oliver! (uh, his name should be Jack Wild). You might find Jack attractive and if that’s the case, what I said was nothing but a compliment. But at the end of the day, what really matters (or should matter most) is the juice (i.e. the music). I suggest you to give this band a try. They are pretty good at what they do. 

Oh, and if i am correct, this is a Canadian band (based in British Columbia). Which is, i must say, pretty cool. 
Song title: Jumpstart  

If you are interested, this is their official website
The video itself was made by Tyler Langlade
He works at a company I have linked here