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North American detail map of Flickr and Twitter locations by Eric Fischer.

#Twitter (Part 1)

Let me start this entry off with a question.

Do you have twitter? 

I ask this because i am curious. Twitter has become an online platform where fans get to “talk” (quotes used as conversations are not exactly made but typed) to who they admire. For instance, @LadyGaga or a well known girl’s favorite @JustinBieber. I have twitter myself (@5ft11) and see individuals tweeting to their favorite celebrities (literally) 24/7 hoping that they may reply. And when the celebrity actually tweets back, they go insane and put it on their twitter bio (ex. ” justin bieber retweeted and is following me, 19:21 6-10-11”). If you are one of those fans, i will suggest that you click away.

I have this entire theory that a group of celebrity managers sat together and created Twitter. If that really is the case, it’s great marketing skills on their part. They get to promote and advertise who they are managing without having to pay fees. Those who have watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie will know that Twitter is one of the many techniques he used to get to where he is now. He tweets the bieber location and fans miraculously show up at his events. Easy. 

That is the only function i see in Twitter. And what sucks about it is that i am not even the one benefiting from this function. Actually, as long as you are not an obsessive fan, a celebrity or his/her manager, you don’t get nothing. Other than promoting oneself, i do not see why any celebrity would sign up for twitter. Is it not creepy to have fans know all these details about you while you know nothing about them? As far as i am concerned, a pedophile may be following @GreysonChance and printing out every picture that he posts up (sorry Greyson, you are the only kid i can think of who happens to have twitter).

For specific cases like Justin Bieber who has so many followers, i can only imagine how hectic it can get with such a large fan base. Twitter only further increases his hours in the spotlight. Having an account actually encourages others to be on his case 24/7. Everything he tweets matters to at least 10,355,400 (as of June 11th) people. And all the attention may eventually become too much to handle. Not exactly a working equation for a stressed teen.

Case in point,

This is part 1 of my entry. I have part 2 coming soon and it focuses on individuals using twitter and how it actually works as a tool to boost one’s self-esteem (which may or may not be a good thing).